Forgiveness: Take The Medicine

taught by Dr. M.E. Porter
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Dr. M.E.  Porter
Dr. M.E. Porter
About M.E.

About the instructor

Marilyn Elizabeth Porter "M.E." is a woman confidently and intentionally living her purpose - bringing light and wisdom to the world. She makes no apologies for being a woman of unflappable faith and allows her Christianity to shine bright in every arena. And although there are many titles and descriptions that fit her - Mommy - is one her most prized accolades. Her God and her children (in that order) have been the driving forces in her life.

Dr. Porter is the apostolic visionary founder and leader of The Pink Pulpit Crusade International – a ministry birthed to cover, train and encourage other women in ministry. The Pink Pulpit is a ministry resource for the called and the chosen. The motto is “Let’s Paint the whole world PINK!” – being a picture of God’s love.

She is most widely known for her work as spiritual life coach, author and ministry development - M.E. now stands alone is a very sacred and savvy space as "The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach". Her journey to this place - that is, The Scatter Brained Genius' Coach - has been a colorful one that has quite a few pit stops and pitfalls. KNOWING her gifts was the easy part - knowing how to use them, grow them and monetize them, has not been so easy. However, over the course of 7 years she has been able to successfully translate into her GENIUS into $$$'s and take great pleasure is helping others so the same!

Forgiveness is a MUST in the process of developing your spiritual footing. The opposite and equal statement to that is "UNforgiveness is a MUST in you spiritual self destruction" In this course we will focus on how important it is to operate in forgiveness and why it's not for the other person, it is for you.

Course Contents

3 Texts
1 Audio
3.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

What the Bible and Other Sacred Text Say About Forgiveness